The Way Home – A Pleiadian Life-line for Humanity in Crisis – Order from Amazon
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The Way Home – A Pleiadian Life-line for Humanity in Crisis – Order from Amazon


$19.95 (rrp $AU)
SIZE: 127 x 203.2mm
PAGES: 156
CATEGORY: New Age, Channelling


This book is available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback.


A Guide to Consciously Creating our Future on Earth


This is about our times, how we arrived here, and what our present choices are. At a time of great change, this message has been sent to remind us that we do have choices, are empowered to make them happen, and need to do so now.


This book is about who we human beings really are – in order to assist us in gaining clarity and priority. It addresses pressing and confusing issues, including dealing with change, love and relationships, earth changes, time, leadership and materialism. The Pleiadians shed a larger perspective on our human condition and issues.


Due to our present relationship with the Earth and each other, we are creating a difficult future – one that is unsustainable and frought with challenge. This is not being chosen on a conscious level, and the Pleiadians suggest we employ conscious intent about our future and that of the Earth. “Your will is being done. Be aware of what you will, while you can.”


This is a book offered with concern and love by beings from the Pleiades, to give us remembrance, hope and understanding that no matter who we are, we can make a difference in these crucial days on Earth. And it is time we did.