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About Arcadia Press

Arcadia Press publishes esoteric literature. Our books explore the esoteric, the mystical, the romantic, the ancient and the futuristic. Our readers have inquiring minds and open hearts.


We do not promote any one spiritual lineage or tradition through our publications. Instead, we take a more theosophical perspective, recognising that the keys to unlock deeper awareness (and often to better understand one’s own tradition or religion) come from various disciplines. We see the collective awakening of humanity as an intricate tapestry. All spiritual traditions provide the threads needed to weave this tapestry into a complete and whole work.


Our titles help to facilitate spiritual awakening in individuals. They foster in-depth study of how to cultivate a higher life-path; a life-path rich in meaning and profound understanding. Our publications support the individual as he or she contributes to weaving the tapestry of humanity’s enlightenment.


James Terry