Laser Acupuncture – A personal view – Order from Amazon
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Laser Acupuncture – A personal view – Order from Amazon

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SIZE: 152 x 228mm
PAGES: 204
CATEGORY: Health, Alternative


This book is available on Amazon for Kindle & Paperback.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to a Western medical approach to acupuncture, with a focus on use of laser.


The author is a medical doctor well-versed in scientific acupuncture combined with a solid grounding in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in whole person healthcare.
He has drawn on his extensive experience with acupuncture over 35 years, and on the wisdom gained from his teachers, colleagues, and most especially from his patients.


“The Art of Laser Acupuncture – A Personal View gives an insight into the science of acupuncture as well as a personal perspective. This book is a relaxing read and gives a structured approach to acupuncture treatment, incorporating aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and western medical acupuncture concepts with added pearls of wisdom. Ralph is an experienced medical acupuncturist, mentor, teacher and an expert in ‘all things laser’. It has been an honour to have his teaching and guidance. This book is a treasure!”


Dr. Angela Catanzariti, MBBS, FAMAC, Educator and Examiner for the Australian Medical Acupuncture College


For the general reader there is a discussion of the development of acupuncture over the last 5,000 years, the mechanisms of acupuncture, the development of lasers, and a model of whole person healthcare.


The acupuncturist will gain an insight into Dr. Ballard’s approach to use of laser acupuncture in the treatment of a range of chronic and challenging medical conditions.


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Reviews (3)


  1. Dr. Katrina Watson

    Dr Ralph Ballard has compiled scientific data and historical facts into an interesting and informative textbook that covers all aspects of laser acupuncture. Ralph is a natural teacher who can distil complex information into easy to understand and thereforeenjoyable learning. This is a laser acupuncture textbook that will interest any reader, whether beginning or advanced on their laser acupuncture journey.
    Dr. Katrina Watson MBBS, DipObs RACOG, FAMAC. Immediate Past President of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College, Educator and Examiner for the Australian Medical Acupuncture College

  2. Donna Fowler. Naturopath

    I found this book to be a great read to introduce myself to the discipline of Medical Laser Acupuncture. As an allied health professional I have a greater understanding and confidence to refer clients on for further treatment. Dr Ballard’s book is both informative and easy to read. Highly recommended. Donna Fowler. Naturopath

  3. Dr. Khai-Ching Lim

    Dr. Ralph Ballard is a uniquely intuitive clinician as well as a generous and wise teacher. He has dedicated his life’s work for the betterment of humanity and his most recent book “Laser Acupuncture – a personal view” is a testament to that. It is the only book on laser acupuncture that has been written by a Western Medical doctor and as a result has the perfect balance of Eastern principles with Western scientific evidence. Ralph has managed to simplify relatively complex topics to easily digestible chapters. Bravo, Ralph, for not giving up and for manifesting this gift of a book to the world which is currently in need of education, truth and healing.
    Dr. Khai-Ching Lim, MBBS FANZCA . Specialist Anaesthetist, Laser Medical Acupuncturist and Pain Doctor.

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