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Arcadia Press Authors

Chico Xavier


Called the Secretary of Ghosts, channel/medium Chico Xavier wrote over 400 books, rising to be one of Brazil’s most-loved spiritual men. A philanthropist at heart, he channelled the profits of over 50 million books sales into his charitable works. In 2012, he was voted ‘The Greatest Brazilian of All Time’, by the viewers of a popular Brazilian television show.


One of his best selling books, Nosso Lar, was made into a film in 2010.


Arcadia Press is honoured to be granted Chico Xavier’s Australian publishing rights.

Jacinta Le Plastrier


Jacinta Le Plastrier is a widely published writer, poet, journalist and literary critic.


She also channels privately, predominantly bringing through new ‘keys’ of understanding, and information on multi-dimensional/multiversal consciousness, to assist readers through books.  The Divine Woman and The Twin Flame, her first channelled publication, is a guide for women who wish to strengthen their connection to ‘divine’ femininity and its principles, and to explore these in relationships which are of a higher frequency, intimacy and sexuality. The Twin Flame concept is central to this. The book can be ordered via Arcadia Press or bookstores.


Photo: Di Cousens

Christopher Salmon


Christopher Salmon started part of his working life as a fledgling copywriter drafting direct mail campaigns which helped clog up unsuspecting mailboxes. Over the course of the last 20 years, he has been involved in writing for most marketing mediums as well as had non-fiction articles published in several countries.


He began writing fiction in the mid-nineties, which took the forms of novels, screenplays, plays, and songs – most unfinished. In 2010, whilst undertaking a Masters in Creative Writing at Sydney University, he was determined to complete his first novel, Keepers of Light.


“I have always been fascinated by the resilience of some people in the face of extreme adversity. Keepers of Light is a story that offers an insight into one person’s elevation above tragic circumstances. The novel also shows that no matter how resolute or strong we may think we are, we all need a little help at some point; help that might come in the form of others, our own mind, or even the divine – or perhaps a combination of all three.”


The Australian psyche proves an engaging fabric for Keepers of Light, and coupled with Christopher’s research on Australian history, makes for an entertaining and uplifting story.


Christopher Salmon lives in southern Sydney with Donna, his Canadian wife of 20 years, and their four children.

Daniel Littlewood


Daniel LittleWood was a highly skilled trance-channel. He travelled extensively throughout Australia and the United States sharing the message given to him by ClearWater who was his spiritual guide and brother of another lifetime.


Daniel LittleWood’s awakening occurred in 1982 during a visit to his daughter in Adelaide, South Australia. After reluctantly joining his daughter at a meditation class one night, Daniel had a spontaneous awakening of his channelling abilities. This occurance was very surprising to a man who had spent his life as a baker with no conscious interest in spiritual matters.


Since its first printing, the Words of ClearWater has touched the hearts of thousands of people. During the first four print runs, his books sold over 150,000 copies in Australia alone. Arcadia Press publisher, James Terry, has been entrusted as a custodian of Daniel LittleWood’s life’s work and is committed to ensuring that ClearWater’s words are available to future generations. As the publisher of the first ClearWater book under the label ClearWater Publications, James is excited to announce the release of ClearWater’s previously unpublished materials in 2014.

Amanda Guggenheimer


Amanda has published two non-fiction books: The Light-Worker’s Companion, Arcadia Press 2005, including the Russian translation of the text СпутникРаботникаСвета, Sophia Publishing House 2011; and The Channel’s Companion, Arcadia Press 2012.


Amanda has lectured extensively in Australia on connecting to one’s own spiritual hierarchy as well as presented in-depth discussions on the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth. She has facilitated workshops on the channelling system and the ethics of the profession, presenting a technical and fresh approach to channelling. She has been invited to speak at the Melbourne branch of The Theosophical Society.


Amanda began studying metaphysics and meditation at sixteen, training at a metaphysics centre for eighteen months. At eighteen years of age, she was invited to train at a private healing centre, perched on a mountain, several hours from the city. Here, she lived, trained and worked for four years as a channel apprentice.


Upon completing this apprenticeship, Amanda returned to the city and established a professional practice where she conducted consultations over the phone and in person. For over twenty years, Amanda has worked in a busy private practice, taught spiritual development techniques, facilitated workshops, and given lectures on topics related to her training and life work.