Riding The Change – Navigating Unprecedented Times – Order from Amazon
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Riding The Change – Navigating Unprecedented Times – Order from Amazon


$19.95 (rrp $AU)
SIZE: 127 x 203.2mm
PAGES: 258
CATEGORY: New Age, Channelling


This book is available on Amazon for Kindle & Paperback.


A Compass in the Storm of Change


The change of humanity from separation to Oneness, from illusion to clarity, from war to peace, has been predicted and discussed for thousands of years. It is no longer in the distant future. It is upon us now. And as with any major change it involves destruction as well as construction. The old must be dismantled to make way for the new. This can involve times of conflict between the old and the new, before some degree of settling allows the evolution of the new.


We are now living through that time of conflict, destruction, change and ultimately renewal.


Our environment mirrors that change and confusion with quakes, tornados, fires, volcanos and bizarre weather. Our human societies mirror it with social and political unrest and turmoil. People feel disoriented by the changes that seem to be happening so fast and in such unprecedented ways. How do we survive and navigate these extreme times, when polarities seem stretched to their utmost?


As you journey through these changing times you will find direction, solace and insight here, helping you not only weather the storm, but come through it into calm and clear skies.